Ukrainian Deputy: A Change of Power in Ukraine Can Lead to Mass Arrests of ATO Soldiers

Translated by Ollie Richardson

06/10/2017 1/2

If in Ukraine in several years there is a change of power, fighters of the so-called ATO will be brought to justice en masse, because three years of fighting in Donbass was conducted without the legislative grounds. The blame for this belongs to the former acting President and nowadays Secretary of the Security Council Aleksandr Turchynov, who first made the decision on the beginning of military operations.

This was declared on the 1+1 channel by the former representative of Ukraine at the negotiations in Minsk Roman Bessmertny.

“Being a dictator, Turchynov was obliged to decide on introducing martial law, because it is demanded by the law – the integrity and sovereignty of the country was violated. And what is being considered by the Verkhovna Rada (Kiev’s declaration of Russia as the occupier in Donbass was adopted on October 6th at the first reading) is an attempt by Turchynov to avoid responsibility and to substitute the responsibility of the military.

Imagine that in several years the political situation changes, you don’t understand that everyone will be jailed? You don’t understand what we are doing now? Who will save ATO fighters from three criminal articles – seizure of weapons, robbery, banditry? Today nobody will give an answer to the question on what legal grounds the UAF is in combat readiness, only because Turchynov at the time didn’t make a timely decision,” said Roman Bessmertny.

Earlier Bessmertny, during the “Big Interview” program with Yulia Litvinenko, stated that Ukraine will break up into two parts

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“We are talking about the formation of two Ukraines and, therefore, two Prime Ministers. According to this law, we, in Right-bank Ukraine, will have one Prime Minister and one budget, and on the Left-bank – because in the [reintegration of Donbass – ed] law it isn’t said that this is the Donetsk region, it will be Donetsk, Kharkov, Zaporizhia, and Sumy – there will be other Prime Minister here,” affirmed Bessmertny.

The politician also said the name of the Prime Minister of the imagined Left-bank Ukraine – the current head of the NSDC Aleksandr Turchynov.

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