Ukrainian Deputy Dmitry Spivak: The Verkhovna Rada Is a Madhouse

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Dmitry Spivak


At the same time when the speaker Parubiy and the leader of the “Bloc of Petro Poroshenko” Gerasimov exercise their verbiage concerning the need to close the NewsOne TV channel, and other “patriots” want to introduce “language inspectors” and to equate the “Russian World” to Nazism (national socialism), really horrible things are happening in the country.

Firstly, a journalist was once again attacked. This time from the Nadzvichaini novini program. Similar to the case with the “NewsOne” journalist, the authorities are modestly silent, and law enforcement bodies have shown their own impotence.

Secondly – the situation with the spread of measles, the lack of normal vaccines, and also the shortage of medicines for cancer patients continues to develop. However, Suprun shamelessly calls everyone who writes about the vaccination topic “Agents of the Kremlin” and bots and… allows “to transport patients feet first and “to dance more often” to live longer….

(We will see on Thursday [October 4th – ed] WHO WILL NOT VOTE for her resignation)

Thirdly, the lawlessness of Omelyan and the head of Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority Raivis Vetskahans aimed at the destruction and bankruptcy of ALL PORTS IN UKRAINE doesn’t stop. Now they want to introduce a private security structure at all ports in order to control ALL FREIGHT TRAFFIC….

By the way, this individual from the Baltics [Raivis Vetskahans – ed] has had the status of a deputy for three years and receives more than 500,000 hryvnia in salary. Not bad, let’s agree.

Actually, the head “Ukrainian Railways” Kravtsov has also being doing something temporarily for about two years. Incidentally, like Suprun [she is the acting minster of healthcare, and not the permanent one – ed].

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Fourthly, the top officials of Naftogaz Vitrenko and Kobolev insolently, and without the slightest reaction from this same Parliament, the SBU, and the Prosecutor-General’s Office, transfered “bonuses” at a rate of 5 and 8 million US dollars abroad, addressed to their relatives, wife, and mother, as FINANCIAL SUPPORT. It is such an outright and indicative slap in the face and like spitting in the face of everyone. These guys are absolutely sure of their impunity.

Fifthly, the Single Treasury Account became 6 billion hryvnia (!!!) less in only a month. Instead of 27 billion in August there were 21 billion at the end of September. And this is an indicator of the condition of the entire financial system of the country.

And finally, the “cherry on the cake”. According to the latest research of international organisations concerning the level of economic freedom of the world, Ukraine came in 134th (!!!) place from 162 countries. Naturally, this is last place in Europe. Our neighbors in this ranking are Benin, Gabon, and the Congo. Most likely, this is the result of the work of those 144 reforms that the authorities likes to report about so much.

But all these “trifles” interest very few people, including in the Parliament, where they vigorously prepare for elections. And therefore their task is to distract the people’s attention from pressing problems and to play on the feelings of patriotism. For this purpose it is necessary to be engaged in [the Ukrainian – ed] language, to repeat hundred more times about hybrid war and aggression, to introduce a new greeting in the army and to replace the word “comrade” with “sir”.

Well, and the most important thing is to try to definitively intimidate objectionable journalists and close down the non-controlled media. They understand that in order to remain in power there is a need to fully control the information space. And, as a result, the minds of people. There is the desire to believe that they won’t succeed to achieve one nor the other…

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