Ukrainian Deputy Evgeny Muraev: Justice for the Odessa Massacre Will Be Served When the Current Government Is Replaced

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Evgeny Muraev (Who is he? Click here…)

The police, at the service of the authorities, as always, indifferently stands aside when someone is beaten up, something is burned, smashed up, or filled in with paint or cement. But on May 2nd [2018 – ed] in Odessa “public order” will be protected by more than 2,000 police officers, “to prevent provocations and attempts to enflame the situation”.

“Enflaming” probably means people, in front of whose face the massacre was committed, take to the streets to speak about the tragedy and hope that the murderers will be punished, while these murderers feel like they have mastered life and impudently walk around nearby. And some of them even flaunt themselves in parliament.

But it shouldn’t and won’t be like this.

After the authorities that committed and cover up the majority of resonant crimes are changed, justice will then be served.

Tonight “Ukrainian format” on the NewsOneTV channel will be devoted to the anniversary of the tragedy in Odessa and, maybe, it will become one more step to this justice.

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