Ukrainian Deputy Evgeny Murayev: Ukraine Lost Half Its GDP Due to the West’s Sanctions Against Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Kiev regime’s severance of trade ties with Crimea and Donbass led to a huge hole in the Ukrainian economy. This was stated on the air of the NewsOne TV channel by the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Evgeny Murayev.

“We have been living for four years courtesy of the world’s support. Have the markets opened for us? No, of course not, because for Europeans their own interests are above everyone else’s. The association [agreement with the EU – ed], the contract, the economic part of the association – which Poroshenko proudly signed,  led to the fact that we lost some of our export potential. Having lost the Russian markets, we lost half of our GDP. The level of Ukraine’s budget in the dollar equivalent has decreased almost twofold,” said the politician.

According to him, by introducing paid-for medicine and reducing the number of educational institutions, the authorities mask the consequences of abandoning the usual markets.

“As soon as we severed relations with Donbass and Crimea we lost two billion dollars. Can we abandon cooperation with Russia? No! It is nonsense … Ukraine has suffered most of all from the sanctions wars – we lost 50% of our GDP, the Russian Federation – 2% of GDP,” stated Murayev.

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