Ukrainian Deputy Igor Mosiychuk: The Ukrainian Economy Will Collapse If Railway Connections with Russia Are Closed

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


If the railway connections with Russia are terminated, the economy of Ukraine will definitively collapse. This was stated on the air of the “112 Ukraine” TV channel by the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Igor Mosiychuk.

According to him, the millions of Ukrainians who currently work in Russia will suffer the most if such things happen.

“Regardless of how they are treated, but they are still Ukrainians who are citizens of Ukraine, they work on the territory of Russia. And if tomorrow, figuratively speaking, railway connections [between Ukraine and Russia] are stopped, then how will people come back home – by mail, by parcel post?” said the parliamentarian.

According to Mosiychuk, such measures will become a gift for a third party, which will start to earn money from it.

“And our economy, which is already in stagnation thanks to our government of beggars, will definitively collapse,” considers Mosiychuk.

He noted that before making decisions about terminating connections, the authorities of the country should consult society, as well as representatives of business and businessmen.

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