Ukrainian Deputy Initiated Court Case for the Recognition of a Coup in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On December 15th at 11.00 at the address: The Russian Federation, Moscow, 36 Studencheskaya Street, hall 225, civil case No. 2-5836/2016, following the request of Oleinik Vladimir Nikolaevich for the establishment of a fact that has juridical value – the state coup – will be investigated.

Vladimir Oleinik raised the question of summoning as interested persons in such a case: the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier; the chairman of the Constitutional Council of France Laurent Fabius (in February, 2014 – the French Foreign Minister); Radoslaw Sikorski (in February, 2014 – the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland); Victor Yanukovych (in February, 2014 – the president of Ukraine); Petro Poroshenko (in February, 2014 – the People’s Deputy of Ukraine).

Victor Yanukovych confirmed his participation in this process as an interested person.

Also the citizens of Ukraine who occupied in 2014 in Ukraine responsible positions were called to court to testify: Azarov N. Ya. (prime minister); Klyuev A.P. (Chief of Presidential Administration); Zakharchenko V. Yu. (Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine); Yakimenko A.G. (chairman of Security Service of Ukraine); Pshonka V.P. (General-Prosecutor of Ukraine); Ovcharenko V.A. (Chairman of the Constitutional court of Ukraine) and others.

Vladimir Oleinik, after exhausting all legal opportunities to achieve the right legal decision in Ukraine, was forced to appeal for the protection of his rights as a citizen of Ukraine in the Russian court, being guided by the UN Declaration on the rights and freedoms of persons – ratified both in Russia and in Ukraine.

The claimant insists on openness and the maximal possible public exposure of the trial.

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