Ukrainian Deputy Maksim Kuryachy Wants to Make the Nazi “Glory to Ukraine” Salute Mandatory for Use in the Armed Forces

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The greeting Glory to Ukraine became sacral for UAF soldiers and must receive official status in the UAF. 
Such a statement was made from the tribune of the Verkhovna Rada by the deputy from the “Bloc of Petro Poroshenko” Maksim Kuryachy.

“The parliament must definitively support the initiative of the president Petro Poroshenko and legislatively change the military greeting to patriotic the slogan ‘Glory to Ukraine! – Glory to heroes!’. The idea of the Supreme Commander is to cleanse the updated Ukrainian army of Soviet traditions and destroy any uniting features with the army of the aggressor country,” said the politician.

According to the people’s deputy and president Petro Poroshenko, the nationalist greeting gives strength to the Ukrainian military personnel who are fighting in Donbass against the people’s republics and also causes hatred inside the internal and external enemies of the current regime.

“The slogan ‘Glory to Ukraine’ found sacral value for all Ukrainian people as a symbol of the fight for freedom. It gives strength to our defenders at the frontline, and burns both the external enemy and the fifth column inside the country,” declaimed Kuryachy.

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