Ukrainian Deputy: Massive Deforestation in the Carpathians Continues & Is Supported by the Authorities

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The People’s Deputy from the Opposition Bloc faction, Yuriy Boyko at June 10th’s briefing showed discontent towards cutting down the Ukrainian forests, the interruption of electrical supplies, and the inaction of the National Police when there are attacks on the citizens of Ukraine.

In particular, Yuriy Boyko reported that in the nearest future the Deputy will prepare and submit an appeal to parliament on the following issues and in such instances:

  • To the State Office of the Public Prosecutor, concerning the still-continuing deforestation in the Carpathians, due to which a landscape is created that looks like a meteorite just crashed. The People’s Deputy is sure that such mass deforestation is unambiguously carried out under the protection of law enforcement bodies and the authorities as it is impossible to do such mass felling without the protection of the authorities.

  • To the Ministry of Energy, concerning electrical supplies to the Lugansk region. As Yuriy Boyko reported, 4 days ago the area was in general without light. A request will be sent for the purpose of ensuring the connection of the area to the power supply system of Ukraine, as this situation doesn’t give the chance to develop industries, and also for people to live normally, stated the oppositional deputy.

  • To the leadership of the National Police, concerning the beating of a priest of the Orthodox Church in the Ivano-Frankovsk region. At the same time, the beating took place in the presence of police officers, who stood and watched this precedent.

Also, the People’s Deputy expressed full support for the initiative of the removal of parliamentary immunity, both on his own behalf and on behalf of the members of the same party.

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