Ukrainian Deputy Melnichuk Opened Fire at People Near a Kindergarten in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, the former commander of the “Aidar” battalion Sergey Melnichuk opened fire at residents of the Troieshchyna district of Kiev. Discontent concerning the People’s Deputy was caused by the fact that citizens protested against the transformation of a kindergarten into his reception hall. This was reported on Tuesday, August 15th, by the “Obozrevatel” website.

According to the published information, the kindergarten in Troieshchyna was transferred by court to municipal possession. However, Melnichuk said that the judgment means nothing for him and he will organize a public reception anyway. “Locals were indignant with such behavior and pushed him around. After this Melnichuk took his pistol and begun to shoot at people,” said the eyewitness of the event Evgeny Shevchenko, adding that the shot was fired from a military weapon.

On the page in Facebook it is reported that in response locals blocked Melnichuk’s car, broke its glass, and deflated its tyres.

The “Aidar” battalion became widely known because of banditry and marauding in Donbass. So, on June 22nd residents of the settlement of Novosvetlovka near Lugansk Vladimir Vinnik and Andrey Sukharevsky described the behavior of nationalists in this settlement. According to them, the fighters of “Aidar” and Sergey Melnichuk personally in August, 2014, organized mass robberies. According to Vinnik, 95% of houses in the settlement were plundered, and because of fighting more than 200 locals died. “People were herded into church, while at this time their houses were being plundered,” he said.

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In July, 2016, the Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine detained one of the commanders of “Aidar” Valentin Likholit on suspicion of banditry. Charges were brought to two more fighters of the battalion for the organization of an armed gang. They were suspected of kidnapping people and illegal seizure of vehicles and documents.

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