Ukrainian Deputy Miroshnichenko: “Separatists” Have a Choice – Either Be Shot or Jailed

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



in Donbass have a choice: either be shot or imprisoned. And those who fight for the amnesty of militiamen must be judged too.

Such a point of view was expressed by the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the last convocation from “Svoboda” and nowadays a Deputy of the Kiev City Council Igor Miroshnichenko on the air of Ukrainian TV channel “”.

“Let them repent, come over to the side of Ukraine, and we will guarantee them a warm cell and dry rations. Any separatist must judged, but they have a choice: to be sooner or later shot, or to be imprisoned for a long time. The choice is obvious. We will meet them with open arms near their prison cells. If they will be released or amnestied, then it will be necessary to judge the initiators of this amnesty too.

It is impossible to forgive people who committed a serious crime, and separatism is a serious crime against Ukraine. Everything is obvious: either they will be shot and destroyed, or they will be imprisoned. If you want to live, let them sit in prison, if not then we will shoot them,” said Igor Miroshnichenko.

[From 23:09 in the video]

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