Ukrainian Deputy Renat Kuzmin: The Gambling Business Was Legalised, Prostitution & Weapons Trafficking Will Follow

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada and former head of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine Renat Kuzmin believes that the law adopted by the pro-presidential majority on the legalisation of gambling, as well as other draft laws, that “Servants of the People” lobby, will finally destroy the country.

“Servants of the People voted to legalise the gambling business.

The day prior they voted to legalise human organ trafficking. The next step is the legalisation of prostitution, child porn, arms, and drug trafficking. Nothing is sacred.

Unfortunately, Ukraine is a country that international scammers, in collusion with Ukrainian oligarchs, yanked away from the people. They did so as cynically as bandits captured high-yield and promising enterprises in the dashing 1990s.

Ukraine was captured for the purpose of its definitive looting, which means that the country can not expect anything good. Swindlers and scammers will toss it aside, leaving behind a devastated territory that by then will already belong to new masters after its repeated fictitious resale.

Still in the queue is the law on the media, through which ‘Servants of the People’ will ban people from talking about all this aloud. And then it goes in a direction that is not far from [punishment for – ed] thoughtcrimes too.

The country in a smartphone …”

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