Ukrainian Deputy Rostislav Novozhenets: “Moskals Are Animals, They Should All Be Deported”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukraine will become a fully-fledged independent State only when all Russians will be thrown out of the country. This was stated on video by the deputy head of the Ukrainian Republican Party Rostislav Novozhenets.

“Glory to Ukraine! Now I will move on to the lives of Russians in Ukraine. We already devoted several programs to this topic. Let’s name this rubric – earlier it didn’t have a name – ‘the life of animals’. Because Moskals and Katsaps in Ukraine behave like animals. Despite the fact that they devour Ukrainian bread, Ukrainian fat, they hate everything Ukrainian, and first of all  the language – they mock it and simply pour bile on it, stating their rejection of everything Ukrainian,” said Novozhenets.

According to him, only the total deportation of Moskals can save Ukraine.

“They won’t allow us to live, because they hate this land. They even perceive it as a colony and continue to behave as representatives of the imperial Russian world. All Moskals should be deported from Ukraine. And only then will we be able to build a real independent Ukrainian State. And until this happens we have no such State, we need to fight for it. Glory to Ukraine!” summed up Novozhenets.

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