Ukrainian Deputy Tuka: The Disappearance of Russia Is the Best Option for the Whole World

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Another loud statement was made to journalists by the Deputy Minister of Ukraine for Refugees Georgy Tuka – the same official who earlier said that UAF fighters in the east of Ukraine lose their senses and stop being patriots of the country because of Russian TV. It is also Tuka who recognized that the Ukrainian authorities can’t prove presence of the Russian military personnel in Donbass.

In another interview to the Ukrainian “Apostrophe” publication, Tuka stated that “the most optimal option for Ukraine, and perhaps also for the entire world, is the termination of the existence of Russia as a State”.

At the same time, to the question of journalists what is the probability that it will happen in this way, the deputy minister answered: “From my point of view, the probability is more than the vast majority of people think”. And he remembered the 1990’s, when “this formation (it’s in this way he calls Russia) was tearing at the seams”.

Of course, he, as a profile minister, was also asked about “the return of territories” (Donbass and Crimea).

Tuka said that for this Ukraine “needs to constantly increase the power of the army” and also use “methods of external influence on the Russian Federation”, meaning “sanctions, which would force it (Russia) to do these or those actions”.

At the same time, contradicting his own phrase about the possibility of “the termination of Russia as a State”, Tuka says: “We won’t get anywhere from this neighbor. And, unfortunately, it won’t disappear anywhere”.

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