Ukrainian Deputy Vadim Rabinovich: Ukraine’s Healthcare Minister Ulana Suprun Is the Main Criminal of Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Minister of Healthcare Ulana Suprun became one of the largest violators of Ukrainian laws. This was stated by the leader of the “For Life” party Vadim Rabinovich.

According to Rabinovich, Ulana Suprun’s healthcare reform contradicts the Constitution of Ukraine in which the right of citizens to free medical care is affirmed.

“I consider that Suprun is one of the largest violators of Ukrainian laws in the entire history of our independence. I don’t remember in our history such a precedent where an American feldsher, having arrived in any country, could repeal the constitution. And Suprun has repealed it, she introduced payment for healthcare services, although according to the Constitution we should have a free medical care. The one who violates the law of Ukraine is a criminal, and the one who violates the Constitution is a double criminal. Nevertheless, Suprun continues to head the Ministry of Health, she is shown on TV and continues to plunder Ukraine,” stressed the people’s deputy.

“Suprun is a very consistent murderer of our country. In fact, she deprived us of ambulances, in relation to which she said: ‘The later the ambulance arrives, the more precise its diagnosis will be’. But we don’t even need an ambulance to make a diagnosis for Mrs Suprun. Her diagnosis is obtuseness, stupidity, and an aspiration to murder our citizens. She is a murderer of Ukraine, the blood of millions of Ukrainians is on her hands!” said an indignant Vadim Rabinovich.

According to him, in the near future the Ministry of Healthcare also plans to abolish the positions of chief doctors in hospitals, which will become the next step in the degradation of the medical sphere.

“She conceived one more pernicious innovation. It is planned to liquidate the position of the chief doctor in all medical institutions, introducing two new positions instead: General Director and Medical Director. In fact, General Director will become the owner of the hospital and will be able to lease its space for even a hen house. Suprun wants to definitively destroy our medicine and she does everything to achieve this as soon as possible,” said Rabinovich.

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