Ukrainian Deputy Viktor Bondar Lambasted Poroshenko’s Governance During His Speech in the Verkhovna Rada

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Petro Poroshenko’s regime has brought the Ukrainian economy to collapse, and in the country there is a massive “separatist” hunting campaign, but at the same time the Ukrainian top brass continues to own enterprises in Russia and pays taxes to the budget of the Russian Federation.

This was stated at a meeting of Coordination Board of the Verkhovna Rada by Viktor Bondar (“Revival” party).

“I’ve done a bit of traveling around regions and communicated with the people. It’s difficult to even comment on everything that I saw. Disappointment and disbelief in the Ukrainian authorities, in the ability of the authorities to protect and provide some work. Disappointment because of the non-professionalism of the authorities, the administration, the actual absence of local authorities.

People openly laugh at what they read on the Internet about how the authorities act. When school toilets are solemnly unveiled, as well as garbage heaps with pomp and ceremony. It is surprising.

Look at what happens with industry – it’s choking. There is no working capital, there are no cheap loans. Where is the State program support? The government doesn’t do any work.

But some of the pro-government top brass has dozens of enterprises on the territory of the aggressor country and invest in Crimea. Journalists make public accusations and carry out investigations. They show People’s Deputies who officially have companies in Russia, receive billion dollar profits, and pay taxes. And nobody asks questions. But the entire law-enforcement system chases the small enterprises in the country and look for separatists”.

Viktor Bondar also stated that reforms in the medical field will have disastrous consequences for the entire healthcare system.

“The healthcare reform is a catastrophe. Our faction has spoken about this for two years already. Ms. Suprun is not fit for this position. 66,000 doctors already left Ukraine. The advisor to the Minister of Healthcare of Poland openly says that they are waiting for our doctors, and are ready to automatically recognise their Ukrainian diplomas. Such healthcare reform like the one that is now being carried out leads to the destruction of medical care in Ukraine, and pushes doctors to leave Ukraine”.

The People’s Deputy added that tomorrow there will be nobody left in the country to give treatment.

“We overdid it with the invitation of foreign experts, millions in wages were given to them, they fled, and it is not clear where to look for them now. Now in the same way half of the government plays with the public. The whole country watches the dispute between the head of the Transcarpathia regional state administration Gennady Moskal and Mrs. Suprun about healthcare reform, and the majority of the population supports in this situation, I am sure, the head of the Transcarpathia regional state administration,” stressed Bondar.

According to him, today’s healthcare system in Ukraine rests on its last legs. However, he said, the government pretends that nothing is happening.

“In our opinion, it is necessary to replace not just one Minister, but a minimum of five or even ten. Especially since some of them have already written resignation statements, and they don’t come to work,” said Bondar.

In the opinion of Bondar, it is time for coalition to propose a new candidacy for the job of heading several ministries, “professional people, ready to lead the Ministry, and restore order there”.

Also, the deputy from the “Revival” party stated during the Rada session that the government should be able to account for where the IMF money received in the last four years.

“We demand from the government a public report on where the IMF money received over the last 4 years is and where it was sent. Which factories were built, what projects were implemented,” asked Viktor Bondar.

He added that the government should publicly report on the real state of affairs in the Ukrainian economy.

“Don’t sing laudatory odes, but say what is really happening,” he said.

During his speech Bondar, commenting on the signing of the contract between “Ukrzaliznytsia” and the American Corporation General Electric for the supply of 200 locomotives for a total of $1 billion, also said that in Ukraine there are at least two companies that are able to produce modern electric locomotives. However, the Ukrainian government will purchase the products of American manufacturers.

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In his words, by buying American locomotives, the government will credit the US economy instead of the Ukrainian one.

“The procurement of electric locomotives in the United States will take place with the credit of the Ukrainian State Bank to the tune of $1 billion! We have two factories in Ukraine: Dnepropetrovsk locomotive plant – which, together with Siemens, produces modern electric locomotives; and Zaporizhzhya electric locomotive repair plant – which, together with Skoda, signed an agreement on manufacturing locomotives. But we using State funds purchase locomotives in America!” exclaimed Bondar.

He expressed doubts about the sense in such an agreement with General Electric, taking into account the other promises of the Ukrainian authorities concerning the development of transport in Ukraine.

“The program for the purchase of locomotives at General Electric is calculated across 7 years. And the Minister writes to us that in 5 years we will have a Hyperloop system – this is a ‘bullet’ train that will travel across the entire territory of Ukraine at a speed of 500km per hour. And we purchase locomotives for 7 years! What does this mean? This is the collapse of thought and State governance: the right hand does not know what the left is doing. Task your enterprise for $1 billion – and you receive tens of thousands of jobs!” encouraged the co-chairman of the parliamentary “Revival” group.

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