Ukrainian Deputy Yury Boyko: Ukrainians Are Left with Two Options – Die or Emigrate

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The current government in Ukraine has created intolerable conditions for the population of the country. This was stated
 at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada on May 22nd by the leader of the “Opposition Bloc” Yury Boyko.

At the start of his speech Boyko noted that Ukraine is in crisis, and the main destabilising factor is the conflict in Donbass.

“…But the errors of foreign and domestic policy erase Ukraine from the agenda of the world community, cause irritation, and even push such neighbors as Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Belarus away from us. Interest in Ukraine grows only if there is an emergency situation or there are manifestations of xenophobia and racial hatred. It is this anti-people government that bears responsibility for all of this: the impoverishment of the population, anti-people reforms, and the collapse of the economy,” said the deputy.

“The government continues to methodically finish off functioning enterprises, bringing them to bankruptcy for the purpose of selling them off for kopeks. Among them there are aerospace factories,’Odessa port plant’, Turboatom, and others.

That’s why in conditions where the currency has been devalued, it’s not a secret for anybody that Ukrainians are being prepared for the next increase in prices for gas and utilities and an essential reduction in the number of recipients of subsidies, which will lead to the further impoverishment of the population,” considers the parliamentarian.

According to him, people from all regions of Ukraine already ask: “What in general does the government do?”

“Just for the last month: the poisoning of children in Cherkassy and in Dnepropetrovsk region; fire in the ammunition warehouses in the Kharkov region; growing criminality on the streets of the country, where the number of the dead already exceeds combat losses. Combined with the healthcare reform, it seems that Ukrainians are left with two options – either die or emigrate from the country,” added Yury Boyko.

[From 06:08 in the video]

“What I said recently on TVC. Volker’s powers were expanded and he was instructed to hold ‘Poroshenko elections’. In the photo on the right – Boyko: in the second-round he will play the role of ‘Pro-Russian’ candidate, and the channel ‘Inter‘ will give the nod to say everything that is kinda ‘pro-Russian’… He will receive 8%, thus showing that allegedly there is no support for this ideology…”

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