Ukrainian Deputy Zhebrivsky Allocated 1 Million Hryvnia to Rewrite the Ancient History of Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Here is Mr Zhebrivsky, a native of Zhytomyr, deciding to change and rewrite the history of Donbass, and trying to prove the unprovable.

“I allocated 1 million hryvnias for research into the ancient history of the Donetsk region. I issued the assignment to, in two weeks, draft the regulations for a competition of mini-grants for the creation of TV-programs and the writing of historical essays and journalistic materials,” reported Zhebrivsky.

According to him, he wants to debunk the myths about the “history of the region” and to accurately rewrite the history of our Donbass, in order to in the future hammer into the heads of the youth new, invented history with the great Ukies [Ukrainians – ed] and Greeks of Yushchenko Senior.

“I want to overcome the myths that were imposed on this land for decades (maybe even centuries!). That before Ekaterina the harlot there was a wild field here. It is necessary to plunge into the ancient history of this country, and then the majestic barrows that covered this land, which will then tell us: when the territories of Muscovy were still covered with thickets, here the cattle breeding, crafts, agriculture was already developing. I am sure: to know your country is one of the basic needs of inhabitants of the Donetsk region,” stated Zhebrivsky.

Zhebrivsky wants it so that both local historians and researchers from other areas of Ukraine participate in the competition. Oh, I imagine, how many dreamers will run to him ready to hit the jackpot of one million and bend over for these pseudo-historians.

“I want to maximally activate precisely local historians, although we won’t narrow the scope of the competition: if researchers from the other areas of Ukraine have the desire to participate in the competition — please come. We just want the work to be interesting, truthful, and thorough,” added Zhebrivsky.

He also noted that a contest committee will be created for selection, which will include members of the public. Well, the public, in general, is a separate issue, the number of rewriters will be unimaginable.

“We will evaluate the efficiency and demand of the competition. And if necessary — we will repeat or increase the funding,” summarised Zhebrivsky.

Whether there is any common sense in his speeches – is doubtful.

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The history of Donbass is very fascinating and interesting, but what will be thought up by the newly appeared historians is terrible to even imagine. After all, the representative of the distortion of history Vyatrovich, receiving grants for precisely this work, zealously writes new pages in the global history of Ukraine. The Nazis for him are heroes, and all those who built for Ukraine houses, factories, plants, steamboats are “occupiers”.

Scythians, Sarmatians, Greeks, Goths, Huns, Avars, Khazars, Alans, Pechenegs, Torkil, Brodnici – what will the newly appeared historians of Ukraine do with them? Why go far, it is enough to simply open Wikipedia. Who didn’t pass through the territory of the wild fields on which Donbass is sat today… Or Zhebrivsky, with newly appeared historians, will make all these great people “great Ukies”, and together with Yushchenko Senior will tell how all of them spoke the Ukrainian language?

I even dread to think what porridge will be threshed by these freaks, having rewritten history.

It is possible to rewrite of course everything you want. But world history won’t forgive such quirks.

It is possible to understand once again that all who came to power in Ukraine aren’t on friendly terms with common sense, and probably were never on friendly terms.

I would like to receive an answer from this ghoul to one question: “Would the little boy that you once were be proud of such a man that you now are?” I think not. That boy was completely another one. While you grew up from this boy into a real ghoul, with a lust for blood and hatred to people. Miserable and poor spirit… And neither rewriting history, nor attempts to make people different from what they actually are will save you from future judgement, nothing will save you… treachery can’t be forgiven…

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Everything has its time…

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