Ukrainian Doctors Were Fired Because They Told the Truth About the Lack of Medicine in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Doctors of “Okhmatdet” [a national children’s specialised hospital – ed] who reported to parents about the lack of available drugs for their children suffering from cancer were dismissed by the Ministry of Healthcare “for violating corporate ethics”. This was reported by the People’s Deputy Olga Bogomolets on Facebook.

The lack of drugs that are purchased using the means of the state budget is connected to the scheme of buying medicines through international structures introduced by the Acting Minister of Health Ulana Suprun.

“According to the Ministry of Healthcare, Okhmatdet doctors ‘violated corporate ethics’ because they reported to patients that their is a lack of medicines necessary for the treatment of children suffering from cancer. The State paid money for vital medicines still a year ago, but the medicines are still absent and information about this is suppressed and hidden from people. The fact that the doctors openly declared this and were reprimanded became the basis for them being dismissal and harassed,” reported Bogomolets.

The manager of the Center for children’s haemato-oncology Svetlana Donskaya and the doctors from the transfusiology department of the hospital Igor Kireev and Oleg Ryzhak became “enemies of the people”.

“They were found guilty for the failure of the Ministry of Healthcare – the lack of vital medicines,” added Bogomolets.

The people’s deputy also emphasised that according to a new order of purchasing medicines, international organisations deliver medicines to Ukraine only 1.5 years after a full advance payment has been made.

“Some of the arriving medicines have a limited shelf life. Thus, from nearly 80 items ordered by the hospital more than a year ago, only 3 were delivered,” stressed Bogomolets.

According to her, the reasons for the dismissal of doctors from “Okhmatdet” will be discussed by the commission of People’s Deputies.

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