Ukrainian Draft Bill Proposes to Assign the Status of “Occupier State” to the USSR and Rehabilitate Petliura’s Militants

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Ukraine a draft bill appeared that proposes to assign to the USSR at the legislative level the status of an occupier State.

The relevant bill No. 7521 “On succession of Ukraine concerning the Ukrainian People’s Republic” was earlier registered in the Verkhovna Rada by a team of six people’s deputies, four of who are in the Svoboda party.

It is noteworthy that one of the authors of the bill – the deputy Biletsky – came to the Verkhovna Rada for the plenary sessions only three times.

The bill proposes to establish Ukraine as the successor of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and to recognise the USSR as an occupier. Thus, under Article 3 all of Ukraine’s obligations vis-a-vis international treaties signed in the name of the Ukrainian People’s Republic are being nullified.

Article 6 of the draft bill establishes the right to present to the Russian Federation demands regarding compensation for the crimes committed against Ukraine by the totalitarian communist regime during the occupation of the territory of Ukraine from March 18th, 1921, to August 23rd, 1991.

Also, the responsibility of Ukraine for any crimes committed by the army of the UPR is also removed. All participants of the fight for the independence of Ukraine from the USSR will be rehabilitated, and the blame will be shifted onto Russia, as the successor of the USSR.

It is interesting to how know Jewish organisations will react to the rehabilitation of Petliura’s militants who at the time took part in Jewish pogroms?

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In turn, Anton Mamonov asks quite a logical question: what to do with the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic, and whose is Crimea then?

“Seven clowns who are falsely called Ukrainian parliamentarians registered draft bill No. 7521 from 22.01.2018 ‘Law On succession of Ukraine concerning the Ukrainian People’s Republic’.

Probably, now they should urgently leave the UN, where Ukraine is a co-founder (as the rightful successor of the USSR)? And what to do with the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic? And with the Donets-Krivoy Rog Soviet Republic? And whose is Crimea then? And Ekaterinoslav [modern day Dnepropetrovsk – ed] with Yuzovka [modern day Donetsk – ed]? And Lemberg [modern day Lvov – ed]?” asks Mamonov.

In this draft bill it is also absolutely not clear whether the borders of Ukraine will return to the borders of 1918, after all, the majority of territories of modern Ukraine weren’t a part of the UPR.

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