Ukrainian Economist Aleksandr Okhrimenko: Taking Out IMF Loans Is Nonsensical

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Loans from the IMF are not needed by Ukraine at all, and Ukrainians also will not feel their effect. Such an opinion was expressed by the economist Aleksandr Okhrimenko in comment to the NewsOne TV channel.

“Nothing will happen concerning social payments. This loan (IMF tranche) does not influence anything”

reported Okhrimenko

According to him, the social influence of the loan is the fact that the debts of Ukrainians for utilities will grow. He also said that Ukraine will not fulfil many requirements of the IMF.

“Ukraine actually failed the first stand-by credit in 2014, it completely failed”

noted the economist

At the same time, concerning the new loans, Okhrimenko said that money from the IMF “isn’t needed for anything”.

“In 2014 we took out loans, and now we take them out to pay the others off. Why. I do not understand the logic of what is being done”

added Okhrimenko

He noted that all programs of the IMF for Ukraine completely failed and will continue to fail.

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