Ukrainian Expert Andrey Vigirinsky: Kiev Should Admit That It Actively Trades with the “Aggressor Country”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The expert in economic and political affairs Andrey Vigirinsky stated during a press conference in Kiev that it is time for the Ukrainian government to stop denying the fact that it continues to actively trade with the Russian Federation, which the authorities in Kiev call the “aggressor country”.

“Ukraine needs to stop thinking in terms of ‘if the country is an aggressor, then we won’t trade with it’. We are in fact trading with it. We have the statistics we have due to the rise in price of energy resources, but nobody stopped trading. The same light that is shining at us now in the studio – if it is partially made due to thermal generation, then coal was brought from the ‘DTEK’ mines in Rostov and it is generated in Ukraine. Nobody unscrews a lightbulb at home because of this,” said the economist.

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