Ukrainian Expert: Bows and Spears Are More Useful Than Canada’s Military Aid

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Talk about Canada’s provision of lethal weapons to Kiev is nothing more than information planting aimed at the internal Ukrainian consumer. For the UAF such weapons are no better than souvenirs from African countries.

This was stated on the air of the Ukrainian TV channel “112” by the Lugansk nationalist Dmitry Snegirev, who settled in Kiev after 2015 and positions himself as a “military expert”.

“Firstly, it is documented that small arms are provided, while Canada uses the Colt Canada, it is an analog of the American M16. That’s why the UAF has no use for it. We with the same success can sign a contract with Chad for the supply of bows and spears, and they will bring more benefits. Because M16 is NATO standard, and we simply don’t have ammunition for this,” said Snegirev.

According to the nationalist, the story about military aid from Canada is just a manipulation of facts, a “victory” designed for the Ukrainian consumer.

“It is simply another fake that was planted for us. ‘Oh, now Canada will give us weapons!’ — no, they won’t give,” he is sure.

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