Ukrainian Expert Dmitry Marunich: America Won’t Allow Tariffs to Be Reduced, Regardless of Who Wins the 2019 Presidential Elections

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Director of the Institute of Energy Research Dmitry Marunich said that any new head of state will have to change the geopolitical vector in order to revise the cost of energy resources, which Washington will obviously not be delighted with.

The expert stated on the air of the “Pulse” talk show on the 112 Ukraine” channel that today the Ukrainian authorities and administration have no monopoly on decision-making in the economic and energy spheres, that’s why promises to reduce tariffs for fuel, gas, and hot water are groundless and are pre-election rhetoric.

According to Dmitry Marunich, the Kiev government turned into an object, having lost subjectivity and the possibility to actually influence Ukraine’s tariff policy. He considers that regardless of whoever becomes the president of Ukraine – whether it be a woman or a man, tariffs for the population will not be lowered.

“In order for this to happen the new government has to change the geopolitical vector and completely abandon IMF credits,” said Marunich.

However, according to the expert, if any representative of the Ukrainian elite takes such a step, then this politician will be quickly and efficiently removed by the US State Department.

“The rabid liberal model that was thought up by Yatsenyuk, implemented by Poroshenko, and developed by Groisman, will not lead to anywhere and will prosper under Poroshenko, Tymoshenko, or the Colonel Gritsenko, depending on whoever becomes the president of Ukraine in 2019,” assures Marunich.

The day prior the US President Donald Trump in an interview to the Fox Business TV channel promised that the US will become a competitor of Russia in the natural gas and oil market. Earlier he reproached Germany for being dependent on Moscow because of the importation of Russian gas for billions of dollars and for participating in the construction of Nord Stream-2. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Heiko Maas said that the statement of the American leader is untrue.

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