Ukrainian Expert: Gazprom Is Ready to Disconnect Ukraine From Gas

The expert in political-economic problems Andrey Vigirinsky stated at a press conference in Kiev that Gazprom is both morally and psychologically ready for the Ukrainian gas transit system not being used for gas transit in the winter.

“Representatives of the European Commission and Gazprom want to hear and understand – with a change of political elite in the country, with a change of the relevant minister and the structure of the Cabinet – whether something changed in the country of Ukraine or not?

It seems to me that Gazprom is morally and psychologically ready, in principle, to live in some period from January without the transit of gas across the territory of Ukraine. Is Ukraine ready for it?

Well, it will be the absolute zone of responsibility of Mr Vitrenko, Kobolev, Nasalik, Demchishin, and all the previous ones who managed this industry within the last five years and said that we are energy independent. Well, ok,” said Vigirinsky.

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