Ukrainian Expert Viktor Serdyuk: Kiev Deliberately Avoids Declaring a Measles Epidemic

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


It is impossible to announce a measles epidemic in Ukraine, since for this purpose there is a need for a chief health officer, who doesn’t currently exist in the Ministry of Healthcare because of the elimination of the Sanitary-Epidemiological Service.

Such an opinion was expressed by the President of the All-Ukrainian Council of Protection of the Rights and Safety of Patients Viktor Serdyuk. He referred to the law “On the Protection of the Population against Infectious Diseases”.

“How it is possible to announce an epidemic if there is nobody to do it? There has to be the chief health officer who has to announce epidemics. He has to have the whole army of performers. That is, epidemiologists who would execute its orders. But there is neither doctor, nor epidemiologists,” said Serdyuk.

He specified that the chief health officer of Ukraine had been restored by the court to their position. However, nobody has implemented this ruling.

“I am sure that if it is returned, then all those epidemiologists who remained will gather and solve this problem within a month. But this hasn’t happened. Why? Because they do not need it, because this is the attitude towards patients in Ukraine,” summed up the public figure.

“A friend fell ill with measles and, already covered with a rash, called an ambulance, hoping to get to the hospital as soon as possible. In the ambulance he was told that they do not come for infectious patients. We were advised to go to the infectious disease specialist at the place of their residence. A person with a high temperature, cough, and rash goes to the clinic!!!

There is no infectious disease specialist on the spot, so you have to queue for the therapist. And only after a visit to the district doctor could my friend call an ambulance 🙁 And then he was taken for a long time in circles around the city, because all the hospitals were packed with measles. Only at the third attempt was he able to be hospitalised. And in Kiev!

What f*cking reform is there if a person with obvious signs of an infectious disease is forced to go to the clinic, where he infects people nearby??? It is an epidemic out of the blue! Now in the clinic, thanks to the efforts of Suprun, you can pick up not only measles, but also a more serious deadly disease. This is the essence of ‘reform’. The land was sold. The population is expendable.”

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