Ukrainian Former Minister Evgeny Chervonenko: Ukraine Is Already Like a Prostitute on a Peripheral Road

Ukraine surely occupies the top place in Europe’s worst rankings, and this is evidence of either the absolute incompetence of the Kiev government or a deliberate policy to destroy the Ukrainian people.

This was announced by former Transport Minister Evgeny Chervonenko on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

We are in the first place for all the abominations. We are the first in Europe for tuberculosis. We were the first to infect doctors.

I sometimes think, ‘Are you fascists or morons?’ As much as possible, signals are heard from all sides. I am a normal person, I understand everything, but how it’s possible – as doctors infected by patients with coronavirus write – that they went towards the bullets, but then they are told: ‘Go to get treatment at your own expense’,” he resented.

“The country is no longer staying afloat on governance. The government does one stupid thing after another, and 50% of it is done on a pointer. And I have a feeling we’re just being destroyed. We do not want to think, and do not want to replay ‘Ilf and Petrov’, which says that if you’re drowning, you’re on your own, despite any friends and enemies you have…

Ukraine is no longer a country – it is already a hooker not even from a decent brothel with rights. We’re already like a prostitute on a peripheral road that the trucker wants and gets. We are purposefully turned into slaves,” summed up the former minister.

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