Ukrainian General: Those With The “Wrong Worldview” Should Be Interned Like the Japanese in America

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The incident near Vinnitsa led the former Deputy Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Lieutenant-General Aleksandr Skipalsky to come to the conclusion that a restriction of rights on the basis of the “wrong worldview” should be introduced. He assumes that all haters of Ukraine are potential criminals, it is necessary to “take them under control”, otherwise there will always be persons interested in staging such sabotage as the explosion of warehouses near Vinnitsa.

Moreover, the Ukrainian General cited as an example the decisions that were made by the “citadel of democracy” — the United States – against the Japanese in the years of World War II: the so-called internment of Japanese from the western coast of the US – their placement in camps, which today the world community calls genocide.

However, for General Skipalsky such a preventive check for “love for the country” seems to be logical. “At the beginning of  the declaration of war with Japan, the United States took all people of Japanese nationality under strict control,” he said as an example, specifying: “we can’t take people under control on grounds of nationality, but we can take people under control because of their worldview. If someone hates Ukraine, certainly, they must be put under review and limited in their possible criminal acts”.

To the question of whether the SBU should trace the “wrong Ukrainians”, Skipalsky said that security officers and the State can’t cope with all the cases of all citizens of Ukraine. Apparently, because of the quantity of “incorrect thinking” Ukrainians.

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