Ukrainian Grain, Sea “Route Taxis” & New Opportunities

NEW – July 13, 2022

Foreign ships began to enter through the Black Sea to Ukrainian ports on the Danube for grain. According to the navy, this became possible due to the fact that first the Ukrainians cleared the water area, and then the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation left Snake Island.

Already eight vessels have passed through the Danube throat fast and are loaded with Ukrainian grain. One could only be glad that the “gesture of goodwill” in the form of abandoning Snake Island worked and the world famine seems to be postponed.

Only the whole problem is that it is unprofitable to drive ships from Romania to Ukraine empty. And it works both ways: grain, if desired, can be exported by rail (which, in fact, was done that way).

As a result, weapons, ammunition, spare parts and elements of military equipment are delivered with a high degree of probability on ships going for grain. According to local residents, the bridge in Zatoka has been restored and trains are already running on it. Therefore, it is quite possible to transport containers with weapons from the Danube ports to the central regions.

And “peaceful” bulk carriers act as an ideal cover: it’s always possible to blame Russia again for trying to starve the world to death.

It’s not just grain that is being exported back from Ukraine. Although this food is an extremely valuable resource, but what prevents one from combining business with pleasure and bringing something much more exclusive out of Ukraine?

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How is the anti-plague station in Odessa, by the way?


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