Ukrainian “Independence” Day 2017 Military Parade Will Feature Soldiers From Ten Other Countries

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Besides Ukrainian soldiers, the military personnel of ten other countries will participate in the military parade on the occasion of Independence Day in Kiev.

The Minister of Defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak stated this to journalists on Wednesday, reports Interfax Ukraine.

“Ten units from different countries of the world, from them nine are NATO countries, and one country which seeks to enter the Alliance will participate in the parade,” he said.

The Minister of Defence added that according to his invitation 11 Ministers of Defence will also arrive in Ukraine, “which together with us will celebrate the Independence Day of Ukraine”.

As was reported, at the military parade that will take place in Kiev on Independence Day on August 24th for the first time in the history of Ukraine representatives of armies of NATO member countries will take part.

As the Ukrainian Pravda publication reported citing the press service of the Ministry of Defence, military personnel from Georgia will participate in the celebration of independence of Ukraine this year. This is who the minister meant when he spoke about a member country that seeks to enter NATO.

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