Ukrainian Informational Sh*t Fountain

In recent weeks it has become clear that Ukraine has become a test site for a truly unique experiment in human history. Such a thing has happened before in human history that random people came to power in different countries and caused a wild mess in the highest echelons. It is not a unique case for mankind that these people turn out to be puppets of external forces.

But never in history have the actions of a government and relations within it been presented to voters and the population of the country in the form of a terrifying phantasmagoric political performance similar to what is happening today in Ukraine. With daily leaks of compromising evidence and revelations into public access, the wildest antics of those close to the government, overshadowing one another, and this is all against the background of shocking actions of the branches of government, completely contrary to the election promises of political forces.

In the context of the changed information space, the current Ukrainian authorities literally fountain with flows of faeces poured every day on each other by its representatives and participants of various groups of influence. As a result, every piece of news, and every action of the government, which in other conditions would become the cause of a large-scale political crisis, literally every other day overlap with even more abomination and dirtiness, and every other day what seemed shocking yesterday becomes irrelevant against the background of the latest news.

This unimaginable political shit fountain has devalued the very notion of “discrediting” in a small period of time.

While puzzled voters tried to understand where the people who just yesterday created the party “Servants of the People” and filled the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers came from, it turned out that the head of the Cabinet of Ministers, the already unknown to anyone freak Andrey Goncharuk, turned out to be openly gay, and also solicits sexual services from young boys arranged in the government apparatus. And then it turns out that he is not alone there, and several ministries are headed by homosexuals who had no previous political or managerial career, with CLOSE knowledge of each other. And it gives a steady impression that appointments to the new government were given in the form of prizes at a competition in some Kiev gay club.

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And immediately the same people who made this information public suddenly started to specify that the sexual preferences of the head of the Cabinet of Ministers and members of the Cabinet aren’t any of their business, as long as the law is not violated.

After all, Ukraine is a “European country…” and so…

Just think, a gay parade, only just recently allowed on the streets of Kiev, went straight into the government.

After all, it’s a “European” country! And nobody should care about the personal life, as before sexual preferences, of members of the government and deputies.

And then, immediately, the main news of Ukraine becomes that the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Foreign Policy and Inter-Parliamentary Relations, the deputy from “Servants of the People” Bogdan Yaremenko, agreed on a social network during a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada to meet a woman of easy virtue. His online correspondence on his phone was viewed and published by observant journalists. Yaremenko’s weak objections to the fact that journalists entered his private life and private affairs were not accepted by colleague deputies and “society”.

How could the thought even enter someone’s mind! With a woman. During the meeting of the Verkhovna Rada. And “moral freak”, as the authors of the “Dark Knight” Telegram channel put it! This anonymous source of information, which appeared literally at the end of September, has already overshadowed many official and network media in terms of popularity. It is one of the main “shit nozzles”, supplying the press and society with news about the behind-the-scenes life of deputies and members of the government. All the forces of law enforcement bodies and special services were thrown at the search for its authors, undoubtedly close to the “Servants of the People” faction or having very informed sources inside it, on the order of the leaders of the faction and Zelensky personally.

And while looking for the “Dark Knight” on the information skyscraper, a new star rises – the “Joker” Telegram channel. It turned out that for a long time some pranksters posing as the Prosecutor General Ryaboshapka conducted very frank correspondence with deputies from “Servants of the People” and other representatives of the authorities.

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“Joker” started their activity with the publication of a conversation with the goof Yaremenko, during which the latter admitted that he was a jerk and that he “framed” everyone. It turned out that beside private correspondence, the lens of the photo correspondent certainly captured also the service one and that “nothing good will happen if it is published”.

Further, “Joker” publishes communication in the name of the Prosecutor General with Deputy Mikhail Radutsky, which discusses that it is necessary to pay the “salary” of deputies in envelopes and for this purpose it is necessary to “shake” sponsors. So that deputies do not run over to oligarchs who already pay “their” wages. Akhmetov is rumoured to be paying $40000 a month.

Radutsky confirmed in an interview that he had such a conversation.

And extensive correspondence, again in the name of the Prosecutor General Ryaboshapka, with the deputy Nikolay Tishchenko, immediately appeared on the “Joker” Telegram channel, from which it becomes clear that informal payments to deputies from “Servants of the People” in envelopes have already been made. And these envelopes are distributed by none other than Tishchenko himself.

The amounts are small, $5,000-10,000. And Tishchenko only asked the “Prosecutor General”, who the deputy thought he was communicating with, for advice on how to do it unnoticed.

So what’s next? Scandal? Debriefing on the bribery of deputies in the “Servants of the People” faction? A criminal case? Repentance? Or at least a refutation?


Here the “guilty” Yaremenko was suspended from the leadership of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Foreign Policy.

As it was not funny to joke about on the same “Dark Knight” channel: “It’s allowed to take money but forbidden to copulate”.

Only now everyone rushed to reveal the identity of this “Joker”, who, as it turned out, stored a mountain of dirt during informal communication with deputies under the mask of the Prosecutor General.

Yuzik: “And let someone present charges to you in Kiev. In the prosecutor’s office, in the State Bureau of Investigations. Let them say you’re illegal. Do it on my command. And we will see, and we will support it (all together speak inaudible).”

Replika: “There is even no need of our presence here. We’re in the president’s city, we all have… If anyone tries God forbid…so all their arms will be cut off up to the neck. We have political support in the city from our entire side – it is not 100%, but 101%.”

Police officer: “Whoever says anything to me, close all this trash and that’s it..”

Yuzik: “You shouldn’t be afraid of anything.”

Replika: “That’s what you told us, and we’re telling you, believe me. Behind our backs, I say again, the president stands…”

Further, the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada personally close to Zelensky, and the heads of the police of the Dnepropetrovsk region and Krivoy Rog, moved on to discuss the “sensitive”, according to Yuzik, issue of the redistribution of the scrap metal market.

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What a scandal! No?!

Do not rush to react emotionally to this information. Because in parallel with this information pretext there is a revelation from the deputy Igor Mosiychuk, according to which the head of the “Servants of the People” faction David Braun and the Minister of Economic Development, Trade, and Agriculture Timofey Milovanov are citizens of the United States of America.

And these are key figures who “sold” through the Verkhovna Rada the law on the sale of Ukrainian land.

This is just the deputies of the Servants of the People, who dared to vote against this law, Anna Skorokhod and Anton Polyakov, were excluded from the faction. The husband of Skorokhod, wanted in the Russian Federation since 2015 for fraud, was also arrested.

And against the background of all this, which fell out of the attention of the public for a month, what public resonance or what significance can the information that the deputy from “Servants of the People” Roman Ivanisov, elected in the majority district of Rovno, was jailed in the 1990s for raping a minor?

This information flow cannot but stun people who are still a little interested in politics in Ukraine. Society does not have time to react to it in any way and is in a state of informational concussion. And this is the best condition to pull through the laws adopted today by the Verkhovna Rada in the absence of any reaction from this society.

Yury Barbashov

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