The Ukrainian Institute of National Memory Directly Continues the Policy of the Third Reich

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Eduard Dolinsky

The Institute of National Memory of Vladimir Vyatrovich is investigating how many Jews were in the NKVD. Why doesn’t it interest them how many Jews were among scientists, doctors, engineers, actors? Because again and again they want to impose the idea that the NKVD was a Jewish organisation, the idea of collective fault, and that Jews as a nation participated in repression against Ukrainians, and therefore the participation of OUN-UPA in the Holocaust is natural and is revenge for the crimes committed by Jews.

This is a direct continuation of the policy of Nazis and OUN, which spoke about Jews not as people – men, women, and children, but as a united criminal organisation – the kike-commune.

But, since the whole world considers the Holocaust to be a crime against the foundations of human civilisation, the task of the head of the Institute of National Memory becomes complicated – it is necessary to whitewash OUN and UPA. And how can they be whitewash when their arms are covered in Jewish blood up to their elbows? Then the Jews who served in the UPA are brought out to the light.

But also here there are disagreements. There a single Jew in OUN, but in UPA they suddenly appeared? This isn’t possible without falsifications and manipulations. But almost all of them were exposed – beginning with the never-existing Stella Krenzbach, and finishing with doctors who survived service in UPA.

Unfortunately, the Institute of National Memory under the leadership of Vyatrovich has been turned into a political and veterans’ organisation – the modern version of OUN (Bandera), the organization of veterans of the auxiliary police, police regiments, and the SS Galicia division. And it doesn’t make sense to consider it as a historical department.

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