Ukrainian Jews Are Ashamed to Be of the Same Nationality as Portnikov, Who Blamed the USSR for the Holocaust

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The policy of the Soviet Union is guilty of mass genocide of Jews during World War II, and the Jews shot each other.

Such a scandalous statement was made by the odious Ukrainian-Russian journalist Vitaly Portnikov in an interview to the American Russian-language radio show “Davidzon”.

“The main culprit for the mass death of Soviet Jews during World War II is the Soviet State,” stated Portnikov.

The Jewish social activists in Ukraine already managed to react with indignation to the scandalous statement of Portnikov.

“I regret very much that I watched this mix of rudeness, lies, and cynicism. I didn’t expect such mockery towards the Holocaust from a person claiming to be a Jew,” said the director of the Ukrainian Jewish committee Eduard Dolinsky on his page on a social network commenting on Portnikov’s words.

“It would be possible to send him (Portnikov) to the OUN newspapers of 1941, in which it was very precisely described who the enemy is, who has to live, who will be taken and who won’t be taken in the police. So, Portnikov wouldn’t be taken in the police, and even wouldn’t be taken in OUN, while in Babi Yar he would be taken twice, despite all his dignity,” wrote Eduard Dolinsky, commenting on Portnikov’s words that “in Babi Yar people of all nationalities stood in a cordon”; that he “can’t condemn anybody”; that “Shukhevich is a hero, and Jews themselves served in the Jewish police and sent Jews to death”; that “heroes of OUN rest in peace in Babi Yar”.

According to Dolinsky, Portnikov “remains silent about the fact that Hauptmann (Shukhevych) killed a hundredfold more peaceful Poles and Jews than the NKVD members, he doesn’t say that only Jews and gypsies were shot for their nationality, and he is silent about the fact that Ukrainian nationalists not just quietly observed it, but actively supported the Holocaust. The viewing of this show strengthens me in the thought that today the memory of Jews killed in the Holocaust more than ever needs protection because angry, hysterical clowns appear, for whom nationality is only conjuncture, and memory is its tool”.

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