Ukrainian Journalist Evgeny Yakunov Called to Kill Russians Without Any Warning

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The well-known and honoured Ukrainian journalist and ethnic Russian Evgeny Yakunov called to kill Russians without issuing any warning:

“Naive Mamchur led a column of unarmed soldiers, defending himself with only one banner, and it became clear only much later: the flag is not a protective amulet, it itself needs protection.

There was a need for thousands to die in order to learn: the Russian shoots without warning, and if you want to survive, then shoot him first.

It wasn’t simple – we believed that those who were long imposed on us as brothers can’t raise a hand against us. It was necessary to cut this belief at the root. And for this purpose – there was a need to begin to hate strongly.

Of course, to hate is bad. Hatred slowly kills those who feel it. But, if fast rescue and rapid mobilisation is necessary – it is invaluable. ‘Hatred to the former colonialist,’ wrote the historian Fernand Braudel, ‘is reliable cement for the construction of a new republic’.

But today something different replaced it. Four years of war is too much for hatred. New fuel for the mobilisation of forces and nerves – a conditioned reflex – deposited and was formed.

We, even in our modern life, still instinctively try to crush a poisonous spider or to kill a snake, although for a long time karakurt hasn’t entered into our shoes, and vipers – into our beds. The instinct of self-preservation preserves us, because those who were too careless didn’t survive evolutionary selection.

How many generations will we be forced to live near Russia, poisonous as a spider and slippery as a snake? Maybe not only one decade. Future generations will be formed by those who, without thinking it over, will be able to fight back. ‘If you don’t learn to shoot quicker than to think,’ said the hero of Harry Harrison, ‘then you won’t survive’.

Recently I read on Facebook about such a case. A female teacher, explaining the rules of crossing the street, asked children what should be done if you see a little green man? ‘Kill!’, immediately reacted one school student. But this was just about a traffic light at the crosswalk…

Russians will say: ‘What horror!’. Yes, horror. But whilst the leader of the neighboring country says to everyone that Ukraine and Ukrainians doesn’t exist, and the blossom of Russian intellectuals discuss blitzkrieg plans on our territory, this ‘horror’ will be a part of school education. Like an inoculation against pacifistic tetanus.

Russians shouldn’t amuse themselves with hopes that two-three years will pass – and that’s all, love comes with habit. It won’t work out, the attitude towards the enemy will simply pass from an emotional into an evolutionary phase.

I refuse to understand those who walk with Stalin’s portraits on the streets of Kiev and Dnipro, the priests of the Moscow patriarchy who forbade reading the burial service for a ‘Filaret’  [Ukrainian patriarchate – ed] baby. I don’t understand the ‘indigenous Kiev residents’, hissing on everything Ukrainian, those who consider that Kiev is a city of Russian glory, and that Ukrainians are those who ‘came in large numbers’. And sometimes I have nightmares about how in occupied-by-supporters-of-Putin Kiev these militants for ‘the rights of Russian-speaking people’ enter houses and throws Ukrainian patriots into the hands of the FSB … God forbid.”

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