Ukrainian Journalist Mocked Kurt Volker’s Statement About Crimea Leaving Russia In The Future

Taking into account the current reality of Ukraine, many decades in the future the country may become so poor that a Crimea that hypothetically left Russia is unlikely to want to return to the structure of Ukraine.

This was stated on September 16th by the Ukrainian public figure Aleksandr Skubchenko, commenting on the words of the special representative of US State Department to Ukraine Kurt Volker that Crimea will become independent of Russia in 40 years like how the Baltic States gained independence from the Soviet Union.

“We should wait and not rock the boat for 40 years, until Russia crashes. If it will crash at all,” said the expert, assessing the words of the American official, emphasising that Volker missed an important detail. “If Crimea hypothetically gains independence from a hypothetically collapsed Russia, will it want to go back into the structure of Ukraine?” asks Skubchenko.

Moreover, he didn’t exclude that the United States may well “support the independence of a newly appeared Crimean republic”, having threatened Kiev with “bad consequences” if it tries to occupy the region.

“After all, we understand the interest of the US having a base in Crimea,” he explains. “They themselves need the peninsula. Or with such a government as now, when Ukraine is being destroyed for the sake of pleasing the US, in 40 years we will be such a poor country that we ourselves will beg to become a part of Crimea?”

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