Ukrainian Journalist Pavel Volkov, Accused of “Assisting Terrorists” in the DPR, Was Fully Acquitted

The court rejected the cassation appeal of the prosecutor against the acquittal of the Zaporozhye journalist Pavel Volkov, who was accused of “aiding terrorists”. The verdict remains in force and is not subject to appeal.

Volkov himself reported this on his Facebook page on April 9th.

“This is the first fully established acquittal on articles threatening national security in the cases against journalists. Let us hope that soon all journalists persecuted in Ukraine, and not only, will be acquitted,” wrote the journalist.

As a reminder, Pavel Volkov was arrested on September 27th 2017. He spent more than a year in the Zaporozhye pre-trial detention center on charges of violating territorial integrity (Article 110 of the Criminal Code) and rendering other assistance to terrorists (Articles 258-3 of the Criminal Code) for the journalistic materials published by him.

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