Ukrainian Journalist and Political Prisoner Vasily Muravitsky Was Thrown Into a Cell With Former “ATO” Militants

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Reviewing of the claim of the Zhytomyr journalist Vasily Muravitsky is constantly postponed for absolutely far-fetched reasons. In addition, constant pressure is put on the defence of the defendant.

This was told to the correspondent of Politnavigator by Andrey Gozhy, the lawyer of earlier detained Ukrainian journalist Vasily Muravitsky.

The lawyer said that today the Supreme Court of Ukraine considered the claim of the defence of Vasily Muravitsky for a change of the measure of restraint, or rather – a change of the jurisdiction to any other court except the courts that are located in the Zhytomyr region.

“In our opinion, in this region it is impossible to achieve justice in the understanding of the sixth article of the European convention of human rights, in particular, if to consider the pressure – both mental and physical – put on judges and the protection of unknown persons in camouflage issuing threats, including to murder Muravitsky and his defenders. And people who are close to the local authorities often come to court,” marked the lawyer.

It should be noted that the Supreme Court did not convene a meeting and dismissed the claim. Muravitsky was transported to one of the Kiev pre-trial detention centers, where he was placed in one cell with former ATO volunteers.

“I do not know what the representatives of local authorities are counting on. Perhaps, on the fact that they will put some pressure on him, but this didn’t happen. Vasily found a common language with them. All perfectly understand who the principal enemy is and who was deceived,” said Andrey Gozhy.

“In the near future he will be transported back to Zhytomyr, where we will continue the hearing that’s already in effect. We expect a fair sentence that would consist of complete acquittal. We perfectly understand that here there isn’t even a smell of justice. The case is political, therefore also the decision will be made in political spheres, and not the legal plane. Yes, threats arrived and continue to arrive, but to what extent they are justified, I cannot know. The only thing that I can say is that neither the prosecutor’s office nor the authorities show any initiative to identify these persons and to investigate these threats,” summed up the lawyer.

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