Ukrainian Journalists Became Snitches for the Poroshenko Regime

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainian journalists wrote denunciations to the SBU against “Pesniary”, Kristina Orbakaitė, and other artists.

Many come down hard on Stalin for repressions in the 1930’s, forgetting to answer a question at the same time: and who wrote 4 million denunciations, which the authorities in any country couldn’t but react to*?

It is also today, as you very well know, post-Maidan Ukraine turned into a State of triumphant snitches. Here even whole websites specializing in denunciations. Here is a full page devoted to SBU denunciations of artists who at different times visited Crimea and are going to perform in Ukraine. And it is entitled as such:

“A note for the SBU: Which artists that performed in annexed Crimea plan concerts in Ukraine”

Recently Ukrainian journalists noticed on the website of one of the clubs in Kiev the announcement of a concert of the Russian rapper Basta, who performed in the annexed Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

This aroused a mass of questions and indignation because Basta, in 2015, on August 16th gave a concert in the annexed Autonomous Republic of Crimea, namely in the city of Yalta.

Besides this, it is necessary to add that in January of this year the Russian rapper also performed in Kiev. Concerning this the question arises – why doesn’t the SBU apply any measures against the performer?

The RegionNews news agency decided not to be limited itself only to Basta. We checked several more performers who this year want to perform in Ukraine.

The first performer, to be exact performers, who were included in our list was the “Pesniary” group. They plan to give concerts in several cities of Ukraine.

Pesniary is vocal-instrumental group headed by Vladimir Mulyavin created in Minsk in 1969. It is known by a wide audience for such songs as “Białowieża Forest”, “Belarus”, “Vologda”, and others.

Thus, we have found out that the group in December, 2015, gave a concert in Sevastopol on the central square. The artists took part in the opening of the main Christmas tree.

Rappers of the group “Khleb”, who will give on April 21st a concert in Kiev in one of the night clubs, became the second “victim”.

It turned out that the Russian group performed on December 26th, 2015, in the night club “Magma”, which is in the city of Simferopol. Photos from the concert on the website “” testify to it.

The following performer who was caught by our “fishing nets” was the famous Russian singer Kristina Orbakaitė, who also plans a concert this year in Kiev in the autumn, on September 26th in the National palace of arts of Ukraine.

Christina Orbakaite performed in 2014 on June 13th at the “days of Moscow” event in Sevastopol.


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*During the 1930’s in the USSR denunciations were used by ordinary snitches in order to resolve their own personal grudges. This phenomenon, of course, over time has been distorted by the Western world’s falsified version of history to the extent that any possibility to look at Stalin’s reign objectively has been thoroughly smothered.  

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