Ukrainian Journalists in Brussels Called for the Impeachment of Poroshenko

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


According to journalists, the reason for the expression of mistrust towards the President is the violation of freedom of speech in the country.

In the press center “Brussels Press Club Europe” in Brussels there was a briefing of Ukrainian journalists, who took the initiative to call for the impeachment of Petro Poroshenko for violations of constitutional rights of freedom of speech. As was stated by the journalist Ruslan Kotsaba, the group of independent Ukrainian journalists intend to initiate an appeal and to raise before People’s Deputies of Ukraine the question concerning the creation of a temporary commission for an investigation into the crimes of Poroshenko in the field of the media.

“Power was usurped by Petro Poroshenko. We, adequate journalists, demand the creation in the Verkhovna Rada of a temporary commission of inquiry for an investigation into the crimes of the President of Ukraine in order to initiate the procedure of impeachment of Poroshenko. There are already the grounds for this purpose,” declared Kotsaba.

Kotsaba called on the head of the OSCE Sebastian Kurz, the special representative of the US concerning Ukraine Kurt Volker, and other international figures to condemn the anti-constitutional activity of the President Petro Poroshenko. The journalist explained that on September 27th inside the European Parliament an expanded roundtable on Ukraine will take place, where the topic of impeachment will also be raised.

Kotsaba presented the key basis for the expression of mistrust towards Poroshenko.

“I want to read the basis for Petro Poroshenko’s impeachment. Under Petro Poroshenko’s decree a group of high-ranking officials systematically violate a number of provisions of the Constitution and Criminal Code, namely: usurpation of power and illegal enrichment,” considers Kotsaba.

Also, according to him, universal censorship and criminal cases concerning journalists became the new reality of Ukraine. “We, adequate journalists, don’t want to accompany the authorities and to propagandize war. During Poroshenko’s reign in Ukraine 12 journalists died, the murders of Oles Buzina and the editor Pavel Sheremet still haven’t been investigated. 40 sentences concerning people who showed Internet activity on social networks are pronounced. Everything is very bad. In Ukraine all democratic freedoms and institutes are being promptly folded up, our right to criticise the authorities, to make evaluations, and in general – the right to freedom of speech that should be guaranteed by Petro Poroshenko as our guarantor of the Constitution,” believes Kotsaba.

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