Ukrainian Journalists Recognised “Azov” as Fascists

Subtitles by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

In Ukraine Odessa’s “Channel 7″ made an investigation into the spreading of such a phenomenon as Nazism among the youth, in particular — in the National Corpus.

As is known, the National Corpus party appeared quite recently, before this the organization was public and existed on the basis of the National Guard and the punitive “Azov” battalion.

“It seems like they are ordinary Ukrainian nationalists, but very strange. Only their chants are in Ukrainian,” reports the publication.

Their coat of arms is the Wolfangel — the second-in-prevalence Nazi runic symbol after the swastika. Political scientists assure that such symbolics should be taken into account only as an expression of the neo-Nazi ideas of the party’s leadership.

Instead of answers to the questions of journalists, young neo-Nazis deny the use of fascist symbolics, are ask who “paid” for this investigation.

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