Ukrainian Lawyers Described the Technology of Mass Repression in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The association of Ukrainian lawyers “Uspishna Varta” published the scheme according to which the SBU carries out mass arrests of objectionable persons, accusing them of separatism or high treason, beating out admissions from people via tortures.

“You will be shocked at just how simple it is to liquidate a person, having put them in a pre-trial detention center for nothing.

The strongest lawyers understand the danger and hopelessness of the situation concerning persons jailed under political articles [of the Criminal Code – ed], which any person can fall victim to. The lawyer Valentin Rybin is sure that ANYONE can be jailed. Moreover – for a long time and without prospects of being released.

Usually, the actions are as follows:

1. You will be pulled out from the car (bed, the tram… *insert the necessary place here*), and you will go missing for a certain period of time. The public won’t notice this because they got used to such things.

2. You will be beaten up for a long or not very long period of time (cut, strangled, testicles squashed in doors… *insert the necessary act here*) until you admit. Admit what? You will be told by people in masks.

3. You will be brought to an office of the SBU (apartment, villa, a bus stop… *insert the necessary place here*), and the investigator of the SBU will issue your detention on the spot.

4. In your apartment (car, villa … *insert the necessary place here*) a weapon (ammunition, explosives, the order of a saboteur signed personally by Surkov and certified by Putin… *insert the necessary object here*) will be found during a search without a court ruling and in your absence.

5. In the absence of a lawyer and in the presence of a substitutive person you will be handed suspicion of high treason and separatism (terrorism, infringement of integrity, calls to overthrow [the government – ed]… *insert the necessary reason here*).

6. The judge will choose for you detention in a pre-trial detention center for the duration of the judicial examination, under an uncontested article [of the Criminal Code – ed].

7. And that’s all!!!

8. The investigative judge will periodically prolong your stay in the pre-trial detention center.

9. The prosecutor will frankly hang you out to dry. You will stay behind bars for 1.5 years.

10. Your family and close ones will go crazy from hopelessness.

11. The clever lawyer will milk you, without caring about the results. The honest lawyer will suffer from the same zero degree of success.

12. The global and, especially, local community won’t care about your current worrying, and the sudden enlightenments about ‘democracy’, ‘law’, and the Europeanness of the native State don’t change anything.

13. Having lost strength, health, and hope, you will start to cooperate with the investigation, agreeing with the special order of consideration of your case by the collegium, and will receive your conviction. And you will thank the kind court if it sentences you so that you will be able to go HOME from the courtroom, even with a conviction!

14. You will return home with a heap of ailments, to a ruined family, to a stressed-out wife (husband, child … *insert the necessary persons here*) without the slightest hope of achieving justice!

And if all of this still didn’t happen to you, it’s not to your merit but because of the shortcomings of our glorious security service due to being swamped with work.

But always remember that it is necessary to defend your rights and to help other people to defend theirs. Publicity of the case will help to end it, or at least will improve conditions and will prevent beatings and torture,” it is said in the message of the lawyers association.

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