Ukrainian Legal Expert: Donbass Rightfully Rose up Against an Unlawful Coup in Kiev

The conflict in Donbass started because the conspirators in Kiev, taking advantage of the protests in Maidan, seized power and sent the army against its own people.

This was announced on the “ZIK” TV channel by former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Renat Kuzmin.

According to the lawyer, people were forced to take up arms without agreeing to a coup in the capital of Ukraine.

“Everyone shyly distances themselves from the topic of the causes of the conflict in Donbass. Legal analysis of the situation in Donbass should answer the question what happened in Donbass.

And the reason for events in Donbass lies in the events in Kiev in 2014. And only lawyers should answer the question what happened in Kiev.

And we must say this frankly here and now – in 2014 in Kiev, masses of people came out to protest on Maidan against the policies of the acting President Yanukovych. These protests against his refusal to sign the Association Agreement resulted in a violent confrontation.

Most of the people who came out to Maidan believed that they would fight a corrupt government and the refusal to move towards Europe.

But the conspirators who stood behind them, the people who tricked the population into coming to Maidan, who led them to a certain death, in fact had a very different purpose. They had the purpose of seizing power for subsequent illicit enrichment.

They, by creating this smokescreen on Maidan, actually achieved their goal – they seized power, seized key posts in that state, intercepted financial flows, and directed those flows into their own pockets.

And people died on Maidan, believing that they were dying for their motherland and for a bright future, but in fact they died for these bastards to seize power and enrich themselves.

So, in Donbass people refused to submit to the Kiev conspirators and took up arms, defending themselves from the army, which the Kiev conspirators sent to Donbass,” said Kuzmin.

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