Ukrainian Media Caught Using Photoshop to Spread Lies About the Volnovakha Bus Shelling

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian war correspondent Andrey Tsaplienko, who works for the 1+1 TV channel belonging to the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, distributed on his Facebook page information that in Dokuchaevsk – which is under the DPR’s control – leaflets were pasted up, in which representatives of the republic allegedly apologise for the attack on the bus in Volnovakha.

[Notice that in the close up of the leaflet a mouse cursor typical of the editing process is visible hovering over the side of the bus. How did Tsaplienko obtain such a screenshot, unless he has access to the DPR’s computers?]

The correspondent of “Politnavigator” contacted the deputy Minister of Information of the DPR Artem Olkhin to clear up the situation.

“This provocation is connected to the anniversary of the attack on a peaceful bus at the Volnovakha checkpoint on January 13th, 2015. The blame for this belongs only to the Ukrainian side of the conflict in Donbass,” said the representative of the republic.

According to the Ukrainian war correspondent, in the city of Dokuchaevsk leaflets appeared with so-called apologies from official DPR organisations: “Volnovakha, sorry for murder …”

“This provocation can be verified by the naked eye. If you increase the size of the photos provided by Mr Tsaplienko the first thing that catches the eye is that the leaflets were pasted [on walls – ed] using photoshop (the image changes and the text becomes unreadable). If they were genuine, then both the text on the leaflets and the text on the name plaque of the technical collage would change equally. And so – only the text on the leaflet becomes distorted, which testifies to its falseness. Well, and in general – enough lying and trying to justify yourself. This stopped being funny long ago,” summarised Olkhin.

It should be noted that this isn’t the first time that Tsaplienko was caught spreading fakes. The journalist of the Gromadske TV channel Anastasya Stanko reported about this in particular, in 2014.

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“I was filming at the 31st checkpoint, where the separatists for the first time allowed to bring the bodies of the dead from the 32nd checkpoint,” she said, spreading her version of the notorious story about the encircled checkpoint of the Ukrainian army. “Communicating with the guys, we saw that they were in absolute despair, they said that were ready to go to prison for two years for desertion, but want to leave even if their command won’t allow them. All of them were in an awful state”.

Then the journalist with surprise watched the program on the 1+1 channel, which showed a completely different picture of events in the same place.

“Andrey Tsaplienko, the known Ukrainian war correspondent, came,” continued Anastasia Stanko. “In the evening I watched his program, which ended on the words: ‘In the end the guys came back to the 32nd checkpoint, raising their hands as a sign of victory’. ‘Andrey Tsaplienko, from the 31st checkpoint blah blah blah’. It is in this way that the story finished, although there was no victory to speak of: in two hours these people left, they were allowed passage by the separatists, they occupied a checkpoint, which also now is under their control”.

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