Ukrainian Media Described the Chant “Fascism Won’t Pass!” as “Anti-Ukrainian”

Translated by Ollie Richardson

10/05/2018 (Nikolay Azarov)

In recent years the “1+1” TV channel [owned by Kolomoisky – ed] has earned the reputation of the most false, dirty, and wretched TV channel in Ukraine. The supremacy of this channel in this regard is indisputable. Everyone who watches and trusts it completely corresponds to these characteristics. Unfortunately, this is also indisputable.

But why have these moral monsters taken it upon themselves to determine what is anti-Ukrainian and what isn’t…

You be the judge, here is a quote from “1+1”: “Participants of the propaganda ‘Immortal regiment’ shouted out anti-Ukrainian slogans, in particular – ‘Fascism won’t pass’ and “Get Bandera out of Kiev’.”

Now is it clear to you what this cesspit under the name “1+1” is?!

Note: After being tipped off, “1+1” slyly altered the text and substituted the phrase “in particular” with “as well as”.

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