Ukrainian Media Falsified a Photo Caption in Order to Blame the NKVD for the Crimes of Banderists

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Eduard Dolinsky

Shocking cynicism! On the website of the “Ukrinform” news agency [a pro-Ukraine propaganda agency – ed] an article written by a certain Yury Sandul entitled “Triumph of ‘chekists’ – the tragedy of Russia” appeared. In order to illustrate the “crimes” of the Cheka in the article there is the world famous photo of the murder of Jews by the Ukrainian auxiliary police in the town of Myropol in the Zhytomyr region in 1941. The Photo from the Holocaust Museum in Washington was captioned by the falsification-throwing news agency as: “Atrocities of chekists: NKVD shooting a mother with her baby”.

In fact, the caption under this heart-breaking picture on the website of the Washington Holocaust Museum says: “Ukrainian auxiliary policeman kills a Jewish woman and her child in a city park; Myropol, Ukraine/Soviet Union, October, 1941. The soldier who took the photo testified after the war that the shooters knew the victims”.

This photo was taken by a Slovak soldier who participated in the defence of the place of the murder. On that day about 100 Jews, including 49 children, were killed. This is not the first time when the media has spread such disinformation using the Holocaust. For example, several months ago, the Ukrainian editorial office of “Radio Svoboda” illustrated an article about the eviction of Ukrainians in Siberia with a photo that in reality is a widely known image of Polish Jews being deported to an extermination camp.

This attempt to use an image of this Jewish woman and her little boy moments before their death is disgusting.

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