Ukrainian Militant Boris Gumenyuk: We Will Attack the Orcs in Crimea & Donbass, We Will Bury and Dump Everyone in the Sea

On February 24th 2019 the center of Kiev hosted one of the most bizarre events one can have the displeasure of witnessing. On paper it was called “Evening of dignity for clean elections” and was organised by the Banderist forces in Ukraine – C14, OUN, Right Sector, Svoboda, and Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists. Whilst in reality it served as another reminder of the ballast that holds back Ukraine from being anything other than Washington’s anti-Russia battering ram. Not to mention that it is the nationalists themselves who are directly influencing elections via the use of force.

An advert for the “Evening of dignity for clean elections”

Many aspects of this event were especially appalling, even after 5 years of pro-Bandera rhetoric blasting from every pro-junta Ukrainian TV station. For example, apparently, according to the speakers, a “Ukraine-Moscow war” actually exists, although Russia hasn’t declared (and won’t declare) war against Ukraine because the Kremlin understands that the West hoped to drag Russia into a large-scale fratricidal war, and Ukraine certainly hasn’t declared (and also won’t declare) war against Russia because even the most inveterate Banderist knows how it would end.

Another bright example of this odious “evening” is the words of the “volunteer” of the modern-day “OUN” battalion (the declared successor of the battalion of the same name that exterminated Poles, Jews, Russians – anyone who wasn’t a “true Ukrainian” – during and after WW2), former “Anti-terrorist operation participant” (flattering name for someone who indiscriminately fires munitions at peaceful residents in Donbass), and “writer” (of the Mein Kampf kind) Boris Gumenyuk.

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During his speech he spoke about the intention of the presidential candidate of Ukraine Ruslan Koshulinsky (the nationalist forces agreed to nominate one single candidate; Biletsky is more interested in the parliamentary elections in October), in the event of victory in the elections, to give the order to the Ukrainian army to attack Crimea and Donbass in order to kill “all evil spirits”.

From 1:41:00 onwards

Gumenyuk said that he “trusts the order of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to enter the Republic, as well as in Donetsk and Lugansk” in order to “defend” Ukrainian land “house after house” and “street by street”. The comedian “writer” noted that the Kiev army will kill all “3,000 battle-worthy orcs”, “dump them in the Black Sea”, and also “will bury them under slag heaps”. He finished his speech with words about the impossibility to wage war in the manner of today and also about the need for a new commander-in-chief – Ruslan Koshulinsky, instead of Poroshenko.

It should be stated that western “human rights” organisations and diplomats for some reason don’t react to these sorts of threats – after all, Russians killing Russians has been the wet dream of the Anglo-Saxon beast for a long time.

Mr Gumenyuk, why wait to “attack Crimea and Donbass”? What’s the hold up? America is right by your side, no?

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