Ukrainian Militants Are Surrendering in Secret From Their Command

NEW – May 29, 2022

Representatives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are secretly negotiating with the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation about the burial of their dead. And about surrender. The negotiations were successful. The “O” [Spetsnaz – SZ] grouping reports:

“I will not repeat that this has already become the norm for the Kiev regime and they act on the principle: ‘no body – no affair’. I want to tell you something else here.

I’ve been trying to write this post for a long time, something kept stopping me. Probably did not want one of its participants to repeat the fate of Sergey Lapko (a company commander who received a sentence for showing the plight of the Ukrainian Armed Forces).

So, after the liberation of another settlement from the nazis in the Donetsk region, we went to the command of the enemy (fortunately, intelligence works well and their call signs with the frequencies on which they work are well known to us) and offered them to pick up the bodies of dead comrades, naturally with a complete cease-fire on our part and the unhindered passage of the vehicle to the designated places.

After a short conversation, we received a categorical refusal and a request not to bother about such a thing anymore (this is literary language, there was a long stream of obscene expressions). In the late afternoon, everyone was buried. (I am not attaching a photo, I will explain further).

In the middle of the night, they come to me on the radio from the checkpoint and ask me to come urgently. Not understanding anything, I took off, went to the post. On the spot, they tell me that a fighter came from the other side, mentions my call sign, said he would only talk to me. I go into the room, a young guy is sitting, his uniform is dirty, shabby. He showed documents. And he began to say: ‘I am the platoon commander of those lads whose bodies you offered to pick up today, I couldn’t get to you on the radio, my own would have immediately finished me off. Bury my soldiers, please, and tell me where, I will give their relatives the location. The command flatly refuses to inform the families about the dead and wounded, so as not to cause panic among relatives. We are being called up now only because otherwise we will go to prison, and here we cannot retreat, regular troops or nationalists are behind us, we will get a bullet from them.’

He told how they were prepared in the classroom before being sent to the ‘front’. ‘We studied the regulations for two weeks, 30 cartridges for shooting training and on the road.’ He confirmed all his words with photographs. He says: ‘Fortunately, phones are not taken away, we record everything.’

We talked for a long time, spoke about the mood in the units: ‘Everything is sad, everyone is afraid, both those who are in front and those who are behind.’ But he came not only with this request. ‘My main task,’ he continued, ‘is to save the lives of my fighters. Tell me how we can surrender. We don’t want to fight for the oligarchs sitting abroad and our corrupt government! Why is it possible for ‘Azov‘, but not for us?’.

Having received all the instructions, he left, he left with the hope that his remaining subordinates would remain alive. A day later, after the start of the assault on the next settlement, the platoon of this commander surrendered in full force, as he promised. Now their lives are not in danger.

Summing up, I want to ask just one question. When will the population of Ukraine realise that their president, a drug addict and the boy-loving Arestovich, does not care about the lives of citizens of his country!? They calmly handed over the ‘Azov’ in Mariupol, stating that it was an evacuation, and they will continue to do so. To the last Ukrainian… I wanted to be brief, it didn’t quite work out.”

Aleksandr Kots

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