Ukrainian Militants Systematically Destroy Kominternovo

Kominternovo is one of the settlements of the Donetsk People’s Republic. Since it is actually on the border of the DPR and the territories controlled by Ukraine, it regularly suffers because of the shelling of Ukrainian paramilitary groups. The war correspondents of the press service of the DPR People’s Militia came to Kominternovo to document the violations of the ceasefire agreement.

The military personnel of the 35th and 36th brigades of UAF marines under the command of the brigade commanders Nikolay Palas and Andrey Gnatov shelled the South of the DPR via large-caliber artillery. This was reported on September 6th by the militia’s leadership.

“Militants of Palas from the 35th brigade fired 8 shells of 120mm caliber at the district of the settlement of Grigorovka, and fire continued to be opened by the 36th brigade under the command of Gnatov at the district of Leninskoye and Kominternovo,” it is said in the statement.

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