Ukrainian Military Appeal to DPR to Spread the Truth About UAF Losses

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Intelligence of the Donetsk People’s Republic reported about the arrival in city hospital of Dzerzhinsk of three KAMAZ trucks with bodies of the dead UAF military personnel for burning in the crematorium, reports the correspondent of Federal News Agency from Donbass.

In Kiev-controlled Dzerzhinsk, 3 KAMAZ trucks arrived there from the combat zone. As became known to intelligence agents of the DPR, inside there were bodies of the dead UAF military personnel. They were brought to a crematorium for burning.

“Ukrainian military personnel, without having the possibility to address the public with the truth, contacted us with a request to extend an appeal to the families of fighters who are in the anti-terrorist operation zone to immediately contact their relatives. In the absence of confirmation that relatives are able to contact them, they have to address the authorities and command of the 72nd brigade of UAF for  an explanation,” it was reported in the  DPR operative command.

This fact confirms numerous losses of UAF and an attempt to hide the truth from the public, noted law enforcement agencies of the DPR.

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