Ukrainian Military Propaganda Center Distributes Circular on Who to Pin Givi’s Death On

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The General Staff of the Ukrainian military propaganda (the 74th center of information and psychological operations, A1277 military unit, Lvov, the head of which is the colonel of the UAF Sergienko Alexander Petrovich) distributed to all subordinate structures a circular letter in which it is said that it is necessary by all means to support the version of events that Mikhail Tolstykh was murdered by representatives of local military-political structures or by the mythical “Moscow curators”, and also in every possible way to untwist the subject of the “flushing of Donbass by the Kremlin”.

The circular letter concerns popular “leaders of public opinion” in the Ukrainian segment of social networks, “bots”, “spammers”, “trolls”, and commentators on thematic websites.

This information was told to “Russian Spring” by a source in the department of providing special and technical actions of informational intelligence department of the militia.

For the conducting of psychological special operation, false accounts imitating supporters of the People’s Republics will also be used.

The purpose of these actions is to discredit the leadership and to decrease the moral and combat spirit of the DPR and LPR armed forces in anticipation of the expected next UAF military provocation.

Also this version will be read out as the main one in Ukrainian media.

Top: “That’s all from Givi. DPR little negros kill themselves but still continue to further devour separatists’ cactus.” Bottom: “6 little negros went to play in the beehive.”

“It is rather interesting the place of assassination. Neither car nor elevator nor sniper, but a cabinet in the closed base. Very significant.”

“Ah, it’s interesting. It is written that Givi was killed by Shmel. But nobody explains from where it was taken. UAF have no Shmel in their inventory.”

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