Ukrainian Military University Student Flees To Avoid Participating in Fratricide

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Due to a shortage of fighters in the so-called anti-terrorist operation zone, the Ukrainian command sends to the front line students of military universities, reports the correspondent of Federal News Agency.

This was stated in an interview to FAN by the student of the Kharkov University of Air Force (KUAF) Stanislav Egorov. Also, the young man described the plan of preparation for military operations against the Russian Federation, oppressive treatment of inhabitants of Donbass in the territory of Ukraine, and many other things.

Stanislav Egorov studied in the Ukrainian military university for four and a half years, but in the fifth year he left in connection with events in Donbass.

“At first, I initially considered Maidan as wrong, and more so those actions that subsequently happened. Also, I had conflict situations with colleagues because of politics,” said Egorov.

According to him, verbal exchanges often turned into confrontations and fights – everyone tried to defend their position, and the young man often entered into conflicts defending Donbass.

“Maidanists were running there, were joyful, … they jumped. It enraged me. When discussions began, I tried to explain to them that it’s only political games, and that nobody needs Ukraine to be prosperous, especially its participation in the European Union. They started proving to me that I am a separatist, a lot was said in my direction, and there were confrontations as a result,” describes Egorov.

He studied for all but one semester, and left already after it was directly said that early release is possible because there of a lack of officers in the so-called anti-terrorist operation zone. It would seem that it is an everyday occurrence during military operations, when the most part of healthy males are subject to mobilization. However, how to be when the government forces one to be at war against one’s own people, to go into battle against the city where you were born?

“I remember, we had such a subject – tactics of conducting combat operations. Faculty of Air Defense. And we, as Air Defence, were trained to defend ourselves from air attacks. And all irony is in the fact that during four years we were taught to defend ourselves from Americans, and in the fifth year we ere taught to defend ourselves from Russians. And it’s like that – in three months everything changes in the country”, said the Kharkov student.

Realizing these strange changes, the young man understood that he isn’t ready for this, and doesn’t agree to be at war for Ukraine with the ideology that was presented to the world community.

“When I was told directly that I am in early release and it is necessary to go to defend the Motherland, I said that our concepts about the Motherland differ from those who taught me. And I left the territory of Ukraine, and came back home” said Egorov.

The student came back home at his own risk: all students of military universities were aware that the SBU actively surveyed everyone. Especially those who were trained at military universities, and those who are from Lugansk and Donetsk areas even more so. And as soon as there was an opportunity to go by private bus, Stanislav Egorov did it – the carelessness of the Ukrainian military, who then still plainly didn’t understand what is what, at this time only suited him.

“Whatever would be said – that there was no hatred between the West and Donbass – remember the movie ‘Brother-2′ and the incident at the airport. When one asks another: “You will show me the road, brother?’. And in reply: ‘Moskals are not our brothers’. And it was exactly like that there. They very quietly sat and were silent while Yanukovych was in power. And then Poroshenko gave freedom to right-wing organizations. Many of my acquaintances with whom I studied now serve in UAF, and consider themselves as heroes of Ukraine,” remembers Egorov.

Stanislav Egorov this year turns 25 years old, and it means that it is necessary to change the photo in his Ukrainian passport. The young man doesn’t have the desire to go to Ukraine, therefore he decided to receive the passport of the LPR. According to Egorov, the decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the recognition of documents of the People’s Republics is a very reasonable course.

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The interlocutor of FAN expressed his sincere hope that the question of the recognition of the LPR and DPR won’t be limited to passports.

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